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Lift-and-Shift cloud migration and automating deployment processes on PaaS solutions for increased agility and abstraction.

One of the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies migrates to Azure most of its datacenters and also develops an internal automated process to deploy PaaS services, while abstracting governance and access.

European government centralizes data with the help of Azure to deliver integrated services to its citizens with new developed platform.

European government finds a solution to centralize data from all public entities across the country into one big platform by gathering and manipulating data through various processes, ensuring national data synchronization.

International bank develops cloud-native mobile application to ensure availability and performance at any given time.

A major international bank relies fully on Azure PaaS services and Azure DevOps to develop in an agile manner a mobile application intended for millions of users across Europe.

Car rental company boosts processes by automating customer data management with the help of our adaptive.extractor solution.

National rent-a-car company benefits from the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning capabilities of adaptive.extractor to speed up client data collection and eliminate human error.

Scalability and performance assured with the help of Azure PaaS services for an international media company with millions of viewers.

Big media company benefits from the capabilities of Azure and makes sure that its online newspapers scale accordingly to demand at any given time.

Children's hospital hosts website and appointments platform in Azure to boost accessibility to its services.

One top pediatric medical facility starts its digital transformation by moving its website into the cloud and developing an online appointments platform so that customers can access their services easier and faster.

International insurance company performs lift-and-shift migration to the cloud to boost performance and cut costs.

Hundreds of servers migrated and on-going development made from now on in the cloud allows this international insurance company to boost performance, while cutting costs.

Fintech company re-factors its product to run fully on cloud, delivering agility on deployment and customization.

International ISV fintech company with own in-house built solution relies on Azure and re-factors the solution to work fully on PaaS services, while also ensuring automatic process to eliminate human errors on deployment and configuration.

Office 365 migration helps government entity to stay agile, drive growth and increase collaboration.

The organization hits a critical breaking point and needs to upgrade their outdated on-premises servers to free up valuable IT resources, while increasing collaboration and productivity between the organization’s employees.

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