Our approach is "Cloud Solutions Architect as a Service" - we provide you with expertise, advisory, development, support and implementation, regardless of your Cloud project. Whenever in need, we are there for you.

Certified Cloud Experts

We put passion in what we do. That is why all of us at adaptive.run are certified cloud experts, in order to ensure top-notch delivery and info. All adaptive.run architects are hard-working cloud-heroes who deliver the fantastic results for our clients and make our company what it is. 

Are you in need of a full-time Cloud Solutions Architect? 

We are ready to “rent” out our experts, regardless of the need.
Tired of looking for the perfect employee to fill your needs regarding cloud expertise?  
No matter if it’s about pre-sales, sales, implementation or management, adaptive.run experts can deliver.  

Here is a quick comparison of our CSAaaS vs hiring your cloud expert:


CSA as a Service

Access one of the top cloud experts on the market

Immediate access and delivery 

No need to invest in trainings & resources

Contract-wise flexibility and in delivery

Full delivery until termination of contract

Cost-efficient – in most cases, less than the overall cost of recruitment process and hiring costs.


Own cloud expert

Difficult to find a cloud expert in the current market

Long recruitment & on-boarding process

Need to invest in trainings & resources for learning

No flexibility contract-wise

 No guarantee that he delivers until project-end

Recruitment process + hiring costs can be expensive. 

All adaptive.run cloud experts are Microsoft Certified experts. The badges in which the adaptive.run team specializes are the following:


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