Automate, innovate and be agile with Managed Services for your Azure environment.

Cloud management - the next important step after migrating to the cloud.

We understand that moving to the cloud is a journey and you don't have to be alone in such transformational venture. can be your partner in migrating and operating your cloud infrastructure and can help you set it up efficiently for optimal performance to maximize your ROI in the cloud.

With our long experience in managing and operating Azure for years, we offer you all our expertise and managed services to help you maintain and continuously improve your cloud environment, so you don't have to invest in valuable IT resources and can keep focus on your core business.

Achieve business value, agility and speed delivery that the cloud is promising, with a piece of mind that your critical-business applications are always available, fast and secure. This is only possible with the help of a trusted partner that has extensive expertise in deploying cloud workloads according to well-known best practices, reference architecture, and modern methodologies that are all put at your disposal with our unique managed services offering.

Think of our Azure managed services offering as a cloud accelerator that helps you move to the cloud with confident and speed of delivery in-mind. You focus on running your business workloads and get a return of investment quickly, while we take the burden of managing your cloud infrastructure end-to-end while ensuring what gets deployed in the cloud is secure and meets your regulatory compliance needs.

We focus on 5 key management areas:


Planning and Deploying Workloads

We'll help you understand the nature of operating in a cloud environment and share with you recommendations on how to deploy your workloads in the cloud for better reliability and high availability. Once a preferred architecture is agreed-on, we apply our unique methodology to deploy your design in Azure using Infrastructure as a Code and automation templates to ensure consistency and proper change management in the long run.



Our managed services offering helps you manage and forecast your cloud spending by successfully identifying consolidation possibilities and ensuring that that resources are properly provisioned, right sized and utilized. Our experts we'll help you optimize your cloud spending by properly sizing your workloads in microsoft Azure, so you don't end up oversizing your cloud resources and paying extra money in your monthly bill.


Monitoring & Data Protection

Monitoring is the operational side of the story and without monitoring, you are left blind and in risk of losing control of what you have deployed. With our Azure managed services, we provide real-time monitoring combined with 24x7 proactive troubleshooting and escalation. And let's not forget about data - ensuring proper back-up and disaster recovery policies are imperative in ensuring a resilient environment.


Security and

The nature of risks is different in the cloud and requires a deep understanding of how cloud services are consumed. Keeping up with the evolving nature of cloud services and configuring them in a secure manner is a challenge that many customers are experiencing nowadays. Our comprehensive set of Azure managed services come to the rescue as we provide end-to-end security services to help you both protect and response to security incidents in your cloud environment. Within our offering, we help you effectively handle patching, malware threats, and respond to security threats.



No matter how well you plan your cloud environment, problems will arise, and when that happens, you always need to be prepared and act fast accordingly. We can take care of responding with outages, breaches and misconfiguration. We can also manage any requirement of deploying new workloads in the cloud or any configuration changes in current workloads.
Our goal is to give you assurance that your business-critical applications are always available and if there is a problem, we can quickly identify it and remediate it fast with our support offering.

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