Tired of taking data from physical documents and inputting them in your systems? Are these types of processes
causing issues because wrong data is being inputted?

adaptive.document.extractor is the perfect solution for extracting data such as names, personal
identification numbers, addresses, invoice numbers, amounts from bills or any other
structured or unstructured data that can be identified on almost any document. It is the
perfect tool for gathering information about your customers or about your processes in
an automated, error free way.

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We’ve all had a job where monotonous tasks got
in the way of more enjoyable, meaningful work.
Maybe it was searching through tousands of documents or
manually extracting data from invoices. Whatever it was, it
was time-consuming, not much fun, and did not
drive meaningful business outcomes. Here comes adaptive.document.extractor to expands automation
capabilities and accelerates decision making.


Error-free data extraction

Easily pull data and organize information with prebuilt and custom features, error free process.

Easy API integration

We can implement your custom solution on any internal platform.

Continuous AI learning

Based on cloud Artificial Intelligence, our solution will help you gain speed and agility and will improve continuously.

Reduced costs

Automated document extraction means less manual work, resulting in reduced costs.

- Choose flexibility -

Accelerate your business processes by automating information extraction. Our solution applies advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately extract text, key/value pairs, tables from any structured or unstructured documents.
Fetching just a few samples, adaptive.document.extractor tailors its understanding of your documents and creates intelligent patterns for extractions. Turn forms into usable data at a fraction of the time and cost, so you can focus more time acting on the information rather than compiling it.

Start adding leading-edge AI technology to your services/applications now!

*All AI solutions are built and rely on Microsoft Azure services.

What documents are supported?

adaptive.document.extractor can be configured to recognise any type of document.
Using AI and machine learning we can train new models to adapt to any type of format.
Here are some examples:




Business reports

Shipping documents

Bank statements

How does it work?

Use case scenarios

Invoice management

Real-time data capture from unstructured invoices, bills & receipts streamline your company workflow.
As you process more invoices, AI.adaptive learns and gets better.

Employee productivity

Get your staff to review a greater number of documents and focus on value-creating tasks rather than mundane document processing tasks.

Risk management

Companies perform better and make more informed decisions when they have an accurate understanding of their position and most salient points in their documents.

Text analytics

Share learnings and extracted information to ensure a fast, informed response to changing conditions.


Banking&Financial services

Banking has a lot of processes that deal with data. Therefore, automated document extraction ensures that all the information is captured in a structured format, and only relevant data is extracted.


Maintaining patient records is essential in the healthcare industry. In this sector, digitization of data is important, and the AI.adaptive solution becomes beneficial to efficiently manage the medical history and record of a patient.


Legal service providers deal with processes that involve archiving and auditing documents, mergers and acquisition-related files. By deploying an automated system that uses AI, lawyers can quickly access volumes of information while working on a case.

Human Resources

There are several types of data in HR, including employee and recruitment data, financial records, personal progress reviews, career progression statistics, and more. Our solution allows easy access to relevant data and mitigates the risk of losing critical information.


Accounting is a business field that deals with a large amount of paperwork and documentation. By using AI technology, the accounting department can program software to automatically process all the document (structured or unstructured) and extract vital data to feed it into the ERP system or any other accounting system.


Bill of materials (BOM), Certificates of Analysis (COA), and Purchase Orders (PO) are a major part of a manufacturing operations, which today is usually manual and time consuming. Using AI, you can now automate the process by extracting text from contracts, identifying specific fields and key values.


Many insurance forms have varied layouts and formats which makes text extraction difficult. Using machine learning, you can extract relevant fields such as estimate for repairs, property address or classify documents with ease.

Capital markets

Financial proxy statements, KYC forms, tax documents and more come in dense text format or mixed with tables and text making it difficult to process using traditional methods. Using  adaptive.document.extractor you can process various formats and file types.

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