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Children's hospital hosts website and appointments platform in Azure to boost accessibility to its services.

One top pediatric medical facility starts its digital transformation by moving its website into the cloud and developing an online appointments platform so that customers can access their services easier and faster.

Business needs

Developing a new platform on which new and existing patients of the hospital can schedule appointments and visits proved necessary. Evolution of technology affects even the medical industry, as people nowadays are looking for easier and simpler solutions, even when it comes to visit/appoint a doctor.

To boost access to their services, the hospital planned on developing a platform that will host the website and will manage new appointments.

Solutions implemented

  1) Azure IaaS

The full platform was developed on a traditional LAMP stack, as per the developer team requirements. To ensure availability, the architecture consists of VMs placed in an availability set, which are load-balanced by an internal load balancer, on active-active mode. 

But the important bit of the platform is underlying in the data that it holds and manages. For that a Managed SQL was implemented, which serves as the backbone of the platform. This way, all the necessary performance at memory level is being assured, offering the platform a clean and stable state.

Security implementations are also important, of course - proper configurations of the Virtual Network and Network Security Groups that are protecting the subnets have been implemented. Along that, to assure SLA, proper configurations on the disks were made.


With the new platform developed and hosted on Azure, the hospital has now a new digital face. It can now manage new and existing customers directly through their appointments platform, easing up the work of the customer support department. 

By implementing this platform, customer satisfaction also improved, as people can now manage their appointments easily online, with a few clicks.

Hosting the platform in a cloud environment boosted agility in development and also IT costs were reduced, from an infrastructure point of view.

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