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International insurance company performs lift-and-shift migration to the cloud to boost performance and cut costs.

Hundreds of servers migrated and on-going development made from now on in the cloud allows this international insurance company to boost performance, while cutting costs.

Business needs

As technology evolves, it became clear to this international insurance company that in order to speed up processes and execution of IT systems, a mentality shift had to be done.

The on-premises infrastructure that was sustaining all the internal and external systems proved to be out-dated and a new IT infrastructure refresh was needed. Additionally, cost reduction was also in the plan.

Solutions implemented

   1) Lift-and-Shift Migration

The lift-and-shift migration targeted hundreds of VMs intended to sustain all internal and external systems - so it's safe to say that the importance of the servers targeted for migration was big and that it became imperative to plan effectively the migration journey.

After deciding on a migration approach, it was primordial to assess the on-premises apps, databases and infrastructure. With the help of automated cloud migration tools, insights into dependencies were extracted and an inventory regarding infrastructure was made. This way, we were able to get right-sizing guidance, workload-level cost estimates, and performance metrics.

Next step was to account for workload priorities, timelines, milestones, resources, and funding. The overall plan was then broken up your into smaller migration projects, each with a group of related workloads.

To avoid issues during and after migration, by using best practices, we pre-configured landing zones regarding networking, identity, management, security, and governance elements that took into consideration all the internal organizational standards.

Finally, as migration sub-projects were finished, securing the environment became the primary focus. By benefiting from Azure Security Center and setting up cloud-native alerts and SIEM solutions, the environment now quickly detects and responds to threats with intelligent threat protection.


By migrating to Azure and using the power of the cloud, the organization benefits now from the agile environment that Azure offers. All the needed infrastructure for all systems is now manageable with the help of Azure, easily controlling the scale or monitoring the whole environment.

New projects that are being deployed prove to be executed at a faster rate, as the infrastructure creation in Azure is done in an automated and simple way. Along time reduction, an almost 30% save is made in annual IT costs, when it comes to IT infrastructure.

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