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Scalability and performance assured with the help of Azure PaaS services for an international media company with millions of viewers.

Big media company benefits from the capabilities of Azure and makes sure that its online newspapers scale accordingly to demand at any given time.

Business needs

Traditional infrastructure proved to be less and less effective for the on-growing demands of this international media company who manages several TV channels and newspapers.

As the viewers and readers move to online, the demand and traffic for the online articles and newspapers has grown significantly. A solution was needed that will sustain this on-growing demand and traffic on the online platforms which will assure the media outlets' performance and high availability. 

Solutions implemented

  1) Azure PaaS

Moving from traditional infrastructure to improve agility, performance and scalability require some work. Benefiting from PaaS services in Azure and from features like auto-scalability or easy-manageable configuration sounds great, but it also requires some work - you have to make an application ready for these kind of services. Re-factoring is needed, in most cases.

With a consistent effort from the development team, the applications were repackaged and now make use of App Services, Azure Functions, Application Insights and PaaS databases.

App Services offers the perfect solution for managing the needs regarding availability and performance - setting up correctly calculated auto-scale setting ensures that the application will be up and running at any given point, no matter how many users will access it or how much traffic will it need to hold.

Azure Functions serve perfectly for situations where actions are event-driven. This serverless compute platform solves complex orchestration problems, being automated and being flexible scaled based on the workload volume.

Application Insights proves to be the perfect tool to monitor closely the traffic and any other insights needed regarding infrastructure. It offers a perfect balance between monitoring, management and alerting.


With the help of PaaS services, the company's newspapers are now hosted on a full auto-scalable and flexible cloud environment, ensuring access to information for their millions of viewers/users. Setting up the correct auto-scaling rules proved essential and is the perfect way of delivering the necessary infrastructure resources, at any given time.

Response times and performance improved significantly, the re-factorization to fit PaaS services being a clear indicator that when it comes to speed, agility and flexibility, the best way to go into the cloud is with this approach.

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