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Car rental company boosts processes by automating customer data management with the help of our adaptive.extractor solution.

National rent-a-car company benefits from the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning capabilities of adaptive.extractor to speed up client data collection and eliminate human error.

Business needs

As business expanded, the need for managing internal operations in an automated way was more and more obvious.

Processes regarding internal customer data and financial log management were getting more and more diverse and were increasing in volume, opening in situations where the human error data input can slow them down or create risks from a financial operations point of view.

Solutions implemented

  1) adaptive.extractor

The overall process of managing a new customer was slow and prone to error. Each time a new customer occurred, manual scanning of personal documents (ID, license driver, rental contract, invoice) was done and sent to backoffice for further processing. As it can be imagined, this manual process generated issues, as some rental agents which were doing this manual handling of documents sometimes forgot to send some of the documents to backoffice or the scanning was simply of poor quality. On top of this, in the backoffice was also a hassle, as all the data that needed to be extracted from these sent documents and later inputted in internal systems/tools (especially financial systems) was managed manually - this opened the gates for human error and from time to time, incorrect data was being inputted into systems, thus generating a whole new level of problems.

With the help of adaptive.extractor the organization was able to automate all of these processes. Now, each time a new customer is being handled, the rental agents access a custom application on their mobile device. The app requests the user to take pictures of the documents that need to be scanned (ID, license driver, rental contract, invoice). Once the pictures are taken, adaptive.extractor extracts data from these pictures with the help of Artificial Intelligence and specifically extracts customer name, address, Personal Identification Number, license number, contract number, invoice number and the total amount paid or due to be paid. All this data is then automatically passed along to the internal systems/tools for further processing. Additionally, the pictures/documents are stored in a private repository, for archiving and audit purposes.


With the help of our solution, the organization overcame operational difficulties and automated its processes, minimizing human error and boosting agility and speed. Now backoffice can focus energy on other business related activities. The whole process of managing data from a customer is now 10x faster than previous times when it was done manually and costs are significantly lower if comparing to having human resources that execute such processes manually.

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