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The use of Azure CLI when copying Azure KeyVault secrets to another KeyVault

Level: 300
Publishing date: 24-Sep-2021
Author: Catalin Popa

Copying Azure KeyVault secrets to another KeyVault can present its tricks. For this matter, I will present here the method to make that happen by using Azure CLI.

You can see I have two key vaults:

keyvaultold, which contains secret1, secret2, ..., secret7

keyvaultnewtest, which contains only secret7

My goal is to copy secrets from keyvaultold that are not already found in keyvaultnewtest.  For this, I am using Azure CLI to create a script that will achieve this.

Here you can see the sample from the script run:

If you now check the keyvaultnewtest, you can see that all the secrets that were not previously there have been successfully copied from keyvaultold.


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