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"Manual" is overrated.
Improve efficiency and reduce errors with AI.adaptive.

Automated image & document processing solutions

Our solutions based on Artificial Intelligence can automate many document and data-related business processes. Extracting data from invoices, passports, IDs, driving licenses or even from random images is just one API request away.

Automated analysis of customer satisfaction

Now you can have a machine-learning based algorithm that can extract the transcript of an audio/phone conversation and decide if how the overall sentiment was: positive, negative or neutral.

What AI.adaptive does


Analyze images/videos

Extract intelligent information from your image content: captions, relevant tags, image categorization, object identification or landmarks/brands recognition.


Extract data from invoices

Any information from invoices can now be extracted with the help of AI and integrated further with your own systems to fully automate payments services/solutions.


Extract data from passports

Passport information such as name, ID number, address, citizenship or validity and can be extracted with an API request and integrated with backend systems for automation purposes.


Analyze customer satisfaction

What are your customers thinking about your services or products? Now you can analyze customer support calls or online reviews by performing automated sentiment analysis.


Extract transcripts from audio files

Tired of manually writing transcripts of conversations? You can now extract them automatically and also identify key phrases/entities that can serve as identification labels.


Identity verification

Boost KYC (Know-Your-Customer) solutions by performing automated identity verifications like face detection, face comparison or online liveness sessions.

Easy to integrate with any other solution.

All AI.adaptive components deliver results through API requests.

Together we can get it running.

We would love to explain more about AI.adaptive. Just let us know your details and we'll contact you right away to schedule a live demo! 

Intelligent automation is one request away with AI.adaptive.

Stop wasting time and resources on manually analyzing or extracting data. 

Intelligent automation of files with AI.adaptive will ease your job, making your business more productive.

We are specialized in automating invoice processing and expense management, but also in extracting information from contracts, passports, ID cards, driving licenses and bank statements, for example. Basically, any structured document is a perfect fit for automation with AI.adaptive.

Alongside documents, we also specialize in analyzing audio files - AI.adaptive can automatically extract transcripts of audio files in almost any language. On top of all that, it also performs sentiment analysis. 
Can you imagine a software which analyses a phone call and determines if the customer was happy or angry? Well, you don't need to imagine anymore - AI.adaptive provides this capability.


Transform your business.
Run adaptive.


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